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For Affiliates

Table Tennis Express, LLC is one of two direct importers of Donic tables in the United States and we carry the largest selection. The name Donic stands for quality: these tables carry a heritage of German design and manufacturing and top grade materials. Chosen for many major European and Southeast Asian championships you can proudly offer the “Made in Germany” brand.

You would be an excellent candidate if you:

  • Own a table tennis club. 
  • Rep for high-quality sporting goods products.
  • Are a collegiate or tournament player and with a network of other TT players.
  • Have connections across educational institutions, the military, fire, police or corporate networks,
  • Are involved in Para Organizations.
  • Are an Architect or builder – especially for retirement or other communities. 

Contact us for more information about becoming an affiliate East of the Mississippi. Tell us why you are interested and a bit about your background.